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Today'sDate365, presentation
Today'sDate365, presentation

What is the date today? Many people ask this question. Today'sDate365 is a day calendar which allows you to view the current date quickly and for free.

The date, defintion

The date is an indication of time defining a single day. The Gregorian calendar used by most countries cut the year in 12 months, 365 days (366 in leap year) and 28, 30 or 31 days per month (29 in leap year).

Date and IT

In computing, the date (metadata) is used to indicate a calendar day in the Gregorian calendar. The date thus indicates a day (as in the usual sense), but can also contain a time on a time zone.

Today's date, writing

Different Ways to indicate indication the current date exist across countries: the two best Known are the little endian (dd-mm-yyyy) and big endian (yyyy-mm-dd). The 8601 ISO format requires the use of oven digits for the year and set the order of Each Elements Such As year, month and day.